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March 10th, 2006, 1:49 pm


A little explanation

We are The Radio Game *insert theme music here*
We try to save the world by telling an idiot through a radio what to do. Problem is, this idiot usually does more harm than good. Example? We blew up the North AND South Pole. Take that, Santa!

Characters(what they look like):

Flame Master Axel(The fighter in red armor):A fighter that loves swords and fire, a little on the dumb side but sometimes he has his moments.
Lexa(White mage like)-Pure evil, for a white mage she rarely helps anyone. If she does, she might just hit you back down to a lower HP.
Exal(thief with green hair)-Not as evil as Lexa but he is planning something...
Xeal (Black Belt, in black) - Dead for undetermined period of time.

Math25000(The one with a green hat and brown clothes):This Radio Gamer is the 25000th generation of his family, he reproduces by dieing and also is one of the authors of Web Comic(WC)
Math25001(wizard in black):After math25000 died because of Striker, he was born. He is Striker's equal and has revenge on him. I still don't get why, I mean Striker was the reason that he now lives...

SZO11(Ninja):Me, one of the few that doesn't have a real name or subject/verb in his name. I am a sarcastic ninja with photoshopping powers. Beware!
Zoshun(another ninja)-The good side of the yin-yang, still contains a little evil but is generally there to annoy SZO.
Zoshang(evil ninja)-The bad side of the yin-yang, still contains good but also has reason. "What kind of Evil GENIUS wants to blow up what they are standing on?"

TheAlmightyStriker(the grey mage):Godmoddingly Evil. That pretty much sums it up about him. Write down any thing he says and annoy him with his own quote."Oh yes. The stuff, do it."
Striker-The person who waged war with math25001, he's more of a kill stuff now rather than TAS's "you will all die as soon as you dream about escaping me."
Rekirts(white wizard)-Something is wrong with his head; he shoots people with a gender changing gun. Yep, that New Year's party hit him hard.

Art(the other guy, oh fine, blue coat and hat):Egyptian victim of my photoshopping skills, don't worry, I'll switch to someone else soon.

Sirus(red hair and red clothes):For some reason I can't seem to make myself put him in a comic, even though I have the ideas. Hmm, maybe I secretly hate him so secretly that even I don't know. Yeah, that makes sense.

Flair(16 bit guy):TBA

BTN:Got random? Now you do. I might put up a comic or two relating to them.

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